Taktifol Football Indoor



Taktifol – the “mobile tactics board”.
Get started now! With our pre-printed Taktifol films for numerous sports or our self-adhesive position display and application films.

Taktifol adheres – even repeatedly – to any reasonably clean surface (wall, door, window, car, etc.). Taktifol leaves no residue when removed.

Taktifol is very easy to write on; if our Taktistick markers are used, the labelling can even be dry erased.

A clear advantage for football coaches, especially when playing away. You save yourself the hassle of dragging tactical boards around and the cumbersome handling of adhesive strips. Just tear off a sheet of Taktifol, put it somewhere and start discussing tactics.
Taktifol also offers the option of preparing the basic set-up in-house with permanent markers and using the erasable tactical stick markers to vary routes and tactical requirements on site. Taktifol has all the advantages that a modern tactical medium can have.
There are 25 sheets (each 80 x 60 centimetres) on a roll, which are easily detachable by perforation. Thanks to its electrostatic charge, it can be removed several times from common surfaces without leaving a trace.


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Roll of 25 sheets made of polyethylene, which adhere by surface tension (without chemical adhesives) to flat surfaces, such as plasterboard, tiles, wood, glass, etc…


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