Football, Colour Blind Friendly, 3er team SX-100-BW



For use as a third team along with the colour blind friendly set, enabling you to design training sessions including any 3 team games/sessions.

Colour blind friendly Shapers are visible to colour blind players on any background. With 1 in 12 males and 1 in 200 females being colour blind, these will ensure that your entire squad can see what you are communicating visually!

Each set contains: 1 team with subs, a ball and a bag.

Shapers come in three sizes:

  1. Shapers for Football are 27mm across
  2. Shapers MINI for Futsal and Football are 22mm across
  3. Shapers MAX for Football are 33mm across (this one)

To help you decide which size Shapers is best for you, please visit Shapers – Choosing the Right Size

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