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In Valor+ Sports Solutions we know the importance of added value in the world of sport. Nowadays sports clubs need more resources, more tools and more help. Better teams. Teams need more incentives, new strategies and more attention. Better technical staff. And finally we know that managers need better tools and more products with specific content in each sport. More knowledge.

In Valor+ Sports Solutions we attend the need of clubs, teams and technical staff of the main sports in Europe; football, basketball, handball, hockey, rugby and their different disciplines.

Our values define us. Hardwork , openness and respect to the “Fair-Play”. We are athletes, and because of (that, this, we are) we always want to win breaking our back on the field, planning well de training and choosing the best players.

We are the added value of the sport, we are Valor +Sports Solutions.

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The king of sports, able to move multitudes of people and their passions.

It is pure show, the Spanish team sport with more international prestige.

A sport with a large tradition, the perfect combination of force and technique.

The most elegant sport, which is played with the head, heart and a stick.

For sybarite people, a fast, exciting and special sport.

Values, dedication, team and the “third time”. The growing sport.