I Course “Análisis Táctico en el Fútbol”.

The tactic analitic has win a place in football as a useful tool and everyday more clubs are using it. We have to be prepared and we have to know the keys that we need to make a professional tactic report. We have to know the tools of recording and edition of image that will make our work agile and fast, with great results. All of this is vital to achive the necessary habilities to work as a tactic analitic.

Our manager, Manel Delgado, has work with some clubs and he knows the evolution that this activity has suffer. He knows the tools of edition and can explain you how he has being improving daily to be a professional. Come and share this experience with him.

The course is taking place the 15th of july 2019. There are two shifts, morning 10:00 AM or afternoon 18:oo PM. The duration of the course is about 2 hours. At the end a certificate will be given to the students. Soon we will inform about the place of the course. The price is 25€ per person. Limitated places.